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killed him. as lindae tells us, doctors say the 27-year-old averted tragedyy >>> and what nearly killed him as they tell us, doctors say that the 27-year-old averted tragedy by the smallest of margins. >> reporter: but he cheated death. >> the bite missed his artery and vein by about two millimeters. the 19-inch chunk missing from his road surf board was more proof of the power. his mothered told off he fought off the shark, even after bleeding from his neck and arms. >> he actually said it felt like a car or truck pulling him along. it had his arm in its mouth. it was pulling him under the water. >> reporter: somehow he escapes. he and a surfing buddy swam to shore. >> the wave came, and i piled up on top of the wave. he just smarted yelling shark, shark. >> reporter: it is the second attack in four years at the same spot. but the beach will not close. only warnings posted about the shark attack. the gashes on his neck and arm are closed and doctors can't emphasize how lucky he really is. >> he may have been this close to death, but he's doing so well today that doctors say he will be
're trying to help us." hundreds come out to hear a new plan to reduce violent crime in the bad parts of oakland. how oakland's mayor plans to change 100 blocks. friends and family step inside the hair salon for the first time since eight people were killed by a gunman. how they are coping with the tragedy. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the "occupation" movement that began on wall street has now >>> good everyoning. the occupation movement that began has spread around the globe locally on both sides of the bay area are in place despite efforts to dispurse them. the high wood star power that rallied occupiers in oakland today. >> demonstrators marched to oakland city hall joined by mayors. and also drawn by the star power of actor activist, danny glover. >> we are here because it's the right thing to be here. sick of being sick and tired. >> protesters acknowledged they represent various causes to find common ground. >> america is not going to get any jobs, significant amount of jobs back until we have fair trade. free trade has taken all the jobs out of the country. >> it al
incident. >> thank you very much. >>> well u.s. marine from the stockton area has been killed by a hunter in oregon. apparently mistaken for a bear. 20-year-old christopher was hiking with a friend near silver creek falls park. police say he was wearing dark colored clothing when a hunter saw something moving in the brush and opened fire. so far, the hunter has not been charged. the case is being turned over to the local district attorney. >>> it's an unusual sight on bay area streets. gun owners bearing arms in public. a new state law bans people from openly carrying handguns. protesters are fighting back. today in san leandro, people brought out their unloaded rifles and shotguns. >> main concern i have is protecting my family. i had an armed robbery inside my door. i wasn't the victim, but just knowing that it happened, i tried to help the guy out, you know, i decided to open carry. >> these gun owners hope these rallies will inspire legislators to repeal the new law. >>> a horrific case of animal cruelty. someone fired 38bb gun pellets into a puppy. that's not all. ann shows us this
with a few yards from occupy us. >> is getting bigger and we are worried they will take over the spaces. >> how long are you planning on staying here are. >> is until something changes. >> is homeless but everyone is welcome here. >> a lot of the people here are surviving largely on donated food that they are keeping here in this communal kitchen. >> there are a lot of well- meaning people and i think there were a lot of people that were here before occupy san francisco got here. >> they urinate all over the plaza in something -- someone was doing something worse in the spot. >> i think they worry about the elections. >> we had to bear on sunday's early edition. >>> and the city is allowing this to happen quite. >> well yes, we have stated clearly that their first amendment rights that they have been expressing it will be in force and we are allowing that to happen but at the same time we have drawn lines. >> police the bus at the camp wants but recently they have been standing by to watch as public works tries to keep the placid clean. >> we are doing our best to indicate them and we a
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. but will protesters get the results they want? linda joins us now. >> reporter: ann this growing movement is getting the attention of veterans of the civil rights movement including ambassador andrew young. he says the protesters have to be articulate and organized to change the political climate. others say at least their frustrations are getting a voice. in san jose, several dozen continue the occupation of city hall. 50 to 60 demonstrators occupy the sidewalk by the federal reserve bank in san francisco. they are the lower and middle class, the out of work, the people who lost their homes, all protesting wall street, to them the symbol of wealth and greed. but overnight in sacramento a different story. >> i here by declare this to be an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: occupation at cesar chavez park is allowed, but only during regular hours. but like the tea party movement, can occupy wall street be successful? >> what i think is significant is that it's opening up a space to talk about solutions, because while this is a protest, they have yet to come up with -- to solidify around clear demands.
there. at today's burial the only gunfire was the salute from the u.s. military. but as mark shows us police kept a close eye. >> the procession heading to oak hill memorial park stretched as far as the eye could see and it also could be heard from great distances as well. the body of steve cow son a santa cruz member of the hell's angels was carried in a hearse. >> he was a very nice gentleman, very good, good father. good provider, good man. >> reporter: earlier police say about a thousand people gathered at the jubilee christian center for a private memorial service. the only visible sign of police were a few squad cars but police were stationed on the rooftops of nearby buildings and teams of officers were nearby but out of sight just in case they were needed. san jose police say there were no problems. >> this time we were still focusing on the fact there were outside groups coming in and we also believed that it wasn't beyond possibility that there might be frictiontion between the same group. >>> from the air you could see the flag draped casket taken out and carried to its bur
. >> reporter: the republican candidate used the " n" word, but did that to point out rival against rick perry. and that is very insensitive. >> reporter: but the texas governor's communication director quickly reversed the statement saying, "when my dad joined the lease in 1993, soon painted over the offensive word. it is my understanding that the rock was also turned over to further upsecure what was originally written on it." but cbs5 political analyst says that this could be too little too late. >> even if this word was painted over, they should have explained it and quite frankly deeply insensitive. i can't believe why they didn't move the rock, blow it up, get rid of it. >> reporter: they interviewed people claiming they saw the rock with offensive name still on it during the 1980s and 90s. >> governor perry has been going there for years to hunt. i think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place. it's just a basic case of insensitive. >> it was painted over? >> yes, painted over, but how long ago was it painted ov
in a spike in a deadly use of force. >>> it's something race car drivers hear every single time they get behind the wheel and today, the worse happened. a fiery crash claimed the life of a popular indy 500 champion. >> reporter: in a matter of moments, several indy cars collided and burst into flames. british driver dan wheldon was killed when his car was caught in a fiery 15-car pile up on the 13th lap. it flew over another vehicle and landed in a catch fence just outside turn 2. three other drivers were hurt in the pile up. wheldon was working his way forward on the back of the path. his camera, number 77 shows the crash as he approaches it. another driver's camera captures number 12, flipping over and catching fire. >> even if you are 300 yards behind it, you cannot stop the car. >> reporter: the 33-year-old wheldon won the indy 300 twice. this was his 143rd career starts but only the third of this season. indy car canceled the race. >> our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. >> reporter: fellow indy drivers were visibly shaken by wheldon's passing. >> one minute you're jo
neighborhood. especially with all the children playing outside. even if it is just for medical use. >> it brings crime to the neighborhood. a lot of activity. >> the woman in that accident had to be taken by life flight to the hospital. her injuries are quite serious. >>> on to break news out of contra costa county . a home invasion turned deadly. police say a man forced his way into a home in bay point and threatened two women, a mother, and her pregnant daughter, fearing for her daughter's life. officers say the mom shot and killed the intruder. it's unclear if the intruder knew the people in the home or if he had a weapon. >> a horrific crash that killed three people. it happened this morning and it appears to have claimed the lives of a trio of burglary suspects. police sate occupants of the car that slammed into a concrete median may have burglarized a food max store. officers gave chase on 880, but the driver exited at 98th avenue. sped through a dirt field and then crashed into a concrete barrier. it's unclear if the driver was drinking, but officers say there was alcohol
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10